Why Not All Cannabis Makes You High

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Whether you've hosted your own cannabis-focused dinner party or just don't get the health-focused chatter around the controversial plant, the fact remains: Cannabis is having a moment. And according to Jessica Assaf, founder of Cannabis Feminist, that moment is about to get bigger due to one magic compound: CBD.

“We mostly hear about THC, the psychoactive element that’s responsible for the euphoric high of cannabis," she explains. "CBD is non-psychoactive, and it can help us for so many different reasons."
Assaf's talking about its ultra healing, beautifying, and anti-anxiety properties—which are helping the plant to shed its image as a drug for stoners as it becomes viewed as an herbal remedy. “It’s relaxing, it’s calming, it has high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, but it won’t affect your mind. This is a huge development that will change the stigma of cannabis," says Assaf.

The Harvard Business School grad, who spent 10 years in the clean-beauty industry, is gathering stats about how women are using cannabis as a beauty and health product now—and harnessing that data to re-brand the medicinal plant as a luxe lifestyle product.

Watch as Assaf explains why you may be using cannabis-infused beauty products very soon.

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