When Opposing Sides of the Aisle Work Together

Avatar Maria Calabrese |

What happens when a Democratic Senator such as Elizabeth Warren, (who made fighting for middle-class families her life’s work), and a Republican Senator Corey Gardner from opposing sides of the aisle meet in the middle? Federalism and another step toward a sensible and responsible policy on cannabis.

The Senators teamed up for a Marijuana State’s Right Bill that will enable States the authority to pass their own cannabis laws even if in conflict with the Federal government’s law. Currently anyone using marijuana legally under state law is still at risk of being prosecuted under federal law. Moreover dispensary owners in states where marijuana is legal are unable to use Federal banks, given under Federal law the dispensaries are engaging in a federally illicit act. The result? All cash businesses.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) set his personal position against the the legalization of marijuana aside for common a common sense bill and to head the call of the people of Colorado. Sen. Gardner stood up to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions by withholding all nominations for the Department of Justice in response to Session’s Cole Memo recision earlier in the year.





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