New Jersey’s Legalization Bill to Permit Recreational Marijuana and Expand Medical Marijuana Uses

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New Jersey’s legalization bill would not only permit the commercial sale of marijuana but significantly expand the state’s existing medical marijuana law by adding five categories of conditions treatable by MMJ.  “Only one condition, post-traumatic stress disorder, was added to the state’s conditions list between 2010 and the first part of this past March,” according to

WABC, New York TV station, has reported that Gov. Phil Murphy has signed off on the addition of the following conditions:

New Jersey physicians can now immediately begin recommending medical cannabis for the additional conditions.  Only 775 doctors out of the 28,000 licensed in New Jersey are registered with the program, with 234 joining since March, according to state data but expected to grow with new legislation.

As for the legalization of the commercial sale of marijuana, officials say it will come down to the details.  Among major details is how much should legal marijuana be taxed.

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