Purity in Lowell Smokes Cannabis Packaging

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California Premium Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Sleek Consciously Designed Packaging

Purity of flower and purity of packaging are just two of Lowell Smokes' forward-thinking priorities. The natural quality of their product starts at the seed grown across California's Central Coast and continues throughout to sale and even consumption. Lowell Farms says there is no trim or shake in these pre-rolls, and the proof is in the puffing.  They consciously design their packages with quality of flower and state regulations in mind. They only use organic fertilizers and never use synthetic pesticides. Not only do they treat their cannabis and it's packaging with the utmost respect, they pay their farmers a true wage to live and flourish.

We agree with Dabby Gifford, in her Evergreen Review, that "the wow factor of the packaging is a recurring high that keeps on giving, but there’s also some impressively good weed inside these pre-rolls." 

Smoking a consciously grown and exquisitely packaged Lowell Smokes cannabis pre-roll is not only a treat to unwrap but relaxing to experience.

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