Connection of The Cannabis Plant and The Human Body

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Cannabis has been used in meditation and yoga for centuries to connect body with spirit.

At the first ever Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit, Natalie Edison of Blossoming Soul Yoga started off each day of the conference with a purposeful practice of yoga and meditation open for all to join. Under the warm sunshine with views of gorgeous mountains, Natalie guided each participant in centering and grounding themselves to the earth. By incorporating the cannabis plant into her meditation and yoga rituals, she intends to connect ones spirit with the spirit of the cannabis plant as "it amplifies our intention to heal." Not everyone is comfortable consuming cannabis and Natalie understands and respects their personal decision of choosing what best suits them and their journey of healing. She shares her story of the connection she has to the cannabis plant and how it has helped her to heal.

Natalie has been a registered nurse for 17 years with a background in geriatrics.  She has mostly worked as a care plan coordinator, bringing residents (patients), families and medical staff together to align with healing and goals.  She has taught yoga to nursing staffs to help decrease stress and bring peace & mindfulness.  While she is not currently working as a nurse, she is still licensed.  Her healing journey and calling has led her to a full time practice of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and flower essences.

"[Cannabis] amplifies our intention to heal."

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