Here is the Medical Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Rejected

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CBS Rejects Medical Marijuana, $10 Million Dollar Super Bowl Minute, TV Ad

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The US federal prohibition on marijuana restricts medical research and limits access to patients, even in the 30 states where it is legal.  Super Bowl 53 offers a $5.2 million dollar 30-second ad spot to brands including alcohol, reaching TV’s largest audience of millions of viewers. With audience viewership so fragmented, the Super Bowl is one of the few if not the only TV broadcast that speaks to this reach.  Despite Acreage Holdings willingness to pay the $10 million + price tag to air its one-minute medical marijuana commercial, CBS rejected the company's (backed by former US Speaker of the House John Boehner), medical marijuana Super Bowl ad campaign. The ad promotes medical marijuana research and patient access, topics often lost in the conversation. Despite CBS’ decision not to air the ad, we believe medical marijuana ads deserve a seat at the Super Bowl and are inevitable.


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