Berkley, CA Leads Way for Cannabis Sanctuary Cities with 50% Retail Tax Cuts

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Berkeley, California declared itself the first sanctuary city for cannabis and cut the citys' cannabis retail tax 50% Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

According to Merry Jane, this measure was "passed less than two months since the beginning of California’s adult-use retail cannabis market, the sanctuary resolution is a direct rebuttal to Jeff Sessions’s decision to revoke the Obama-era “Cole memo” last month, which was a de facto set of guidelines instructing the Department of Justice to divert resources away from state-sanctioned cannabusiness.

Since before Sessions even took over as Attorney General, he has repeatedly made erroneous and divisive claims about cannabis, with the removal of the Cole memo received largely as a threat against the fight for marijuana reform."

Marijuana industry experts are calling on Southern Nevada's local leaders to follow the Berkley lead and declare itself a “sanctuary” for marijuana.

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