Be Informed: Marijuana’s Key State Races & Candidates for House & Senate Mid Term Elections

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Marijuana Key State Races & Candidates to Watch in the U.S. Mid Term Elections -

With recreational marijuana legal in 9 states and medicinal marijuana legal in some form in 31 states, 66% of Americans in favor of marijuana legalization, and weed included as a hot ballot initiative, a cultural shift is on the rise.

Michigan and North Dakota will vote on recreational cannabis.  Utah will vote on a medical marijuana measure.  Until the call to action for Federal legalization is heard it is so important to understand your local and state level regulations.  What's worked in the past in other markets and what has not so failed policies are not repeated in the cannabis space.  "Legislation is not a science," according to Leonard Lang, the President of Upper Room Consulting.  Leonard has been in legislation for the past 30 years and stresses that we need to first be informed so we can then vote for improvement.  Applying dated failed rules and regulations to cannabis is a step backward.

Key State Races to Watch: Michigan, North Dakota, Utah & Missouri & The 25 Top Races & Candidates to Watch for the House and Senate, uniquely important to the cannabis industry

The battle for the U.S. House and Senate will come down to just a few competitive races. It’s crucial to be informed about the views of the key candidates running for office. The National Cannabis Industry Association has outlined 25 races and candidates to watch in competitive races for the House and three for the Senate that we agree are uniquely important to the cannabis industry due to their views on marijuana policy and/or their geographic location.


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