5 Ways Love Is Good For Your Health

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Love Makes You Happy.

Love Busts Stress.

Love Eases Anxiety.

Love Makes You Take Better Care of Yourself.

Love Helps You Live Longer.

A review of 148 studies, according to Time Magazine, “5 Ways Love is Good for Your Health,” (February 14, 2018), linked love from close relationships, whether romantic or purely social including friends, family and pets, to longevity benefits.

At Green Bee Life we are reminded this Valentine’s Day to Spread a Little Love.

Stay Tuned for Dr. Helen Riess’, director of Empathy and Relational Science Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, forthcoming book, “The Empathy Effect.”

In the meantime, pull up a mate, child, friend, being in need or four-legged being and couple up!

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